Can buy a Laserwriter for reasonable amount. Has any one else encountered this? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Is there a place to download this stuff, or are there alternative ways of doing this? Your fuser lamp burned out.

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There’s zero reason to have the ability. My printer is networked as well with a Farallon iPriint adapter on ethernet- accessible via Airport- using a couple of Macs. Let me repeat that Can anyone tell or point me to maintenance information.

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I can’t find ‘Apple LaserWriter V. Thanks for any help with this, Pete.

Used one myself for quite some time with my Select The printer drivers that come with work on theI knew from other computers. Spock, just like the car gas tank jon cited in his analogy, it holds more gas, but doesn’t make the car go faster.

Yes, that’s right, klutzy ol’ me actually and successfully repaired a real-life and year-old laser printer! Am I correct in assuming that you did wijdows on your own without purchasing the extremely detailed video procedure? Yes – I agree – check the jumper on the back of the printer.


And a Centronics parallel port is perfectly capable of 630 paper-out back to a PC. Only defference is that on one board, under the mf capacitor, Y2, Y1 are present and DL1 is absent on other board, under the mf capacitor, Y1, Dl1 are present and Y2 is absent which one is which here???

I tested it and it works ok but i want to clean it inside could you help me with some service manual pdf or the URL that I could look for?

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You just did all the troubleshooting you need to do. Does it move freely? Those are the ones going to oaserwriter paper sensors. How to disable this function? I have a laserwriter and pc with xp, connected via a parallel port.

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Thanks, Dave – Dave A. Why would you need to download anything? Thanks for your help in advance. How important is the age of the cartridge?

Where is the sensor, or what laeerwriter should I look for? If you see the black streak on the cartridge drum, then it is a bad cartridge. However, what you suggested as a procedure for integrating the printer didn’t work.


Wonder if toner powder can coagulate? Re manual feed – mine wont either – sorry cant help there! The “paper out” light began to flash, and an error message appeared on the screen, “The printer is fixing a temperature malfunction. I can print sheets and then I get a paper jam loading from the cassette before printing, not after.

I have to find a quiet moment to take it apart, and work my way thru the above manual, along with some Q tips and a bit of alchohol- which is the only other sort of advice I have seen around. Have not tapped the tray out yet.

What are the compatible toner cartidges for the ie. Set it to the one that would best work for Windows. But don’t understand how “tap the back 3660 the tray with a rubber mallet”.