It then takes what the kernel received and gives it back to your user-space program. A controller driver that handles direct communication with the hardware and a protocol driver to handle the details of the data for a particular device. Running task of ID: Were you saying in your post here that i dont even have a chance to use SPI on the pin header if the board is configured for touchscreen use? All it does is take what you want sent and pass it on to the kernel.

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There are already entries in the array for the touchscreens, so it should be easy to find. The master sends out a bit, which is read by the slave, and 2. Most existing SPI drivers do the device registration completely outside the driver code in a board file.

The physical lines are managed by the kernel. For example, this post: A couple of questions: An example of the latter case is where there is only one master and one slave on the bus, and the master always sends data to the slave; thus the slave can predict that the next transfer on the bus will require it to receive data, and it can always have a buffer ready to be filled.


Take advantage of special opportunities gmstix increase revenue and speed time-to-market.

The patch for 2. There are some synchronous helper functions exposed by the interface to simplify the asynchronous behaviour of the Linux SPI system for protocol driver writers.

Category:SPI – Gumstix User Wiki

Here is a howto for you to be able to change your gumsix. The slave send out a bit, which is read by the master. Were you saying in your post here that spj dont even have a chance to use SPI on the pin header if the board is configured for touchscreen use? Things you might want to change are the bus speed and the mode.

This configuration is done in the bootloader U-Boot.

Regards, Thierry On Mon, Aug 23, at 4: Personal tools Log in. Attempted tasks of which didn’t need to be rerun and 1 failed. Search everywhere only in this topic. I have fixed this problem, gumetix originated from my using a terminal-only tty1 which didn’t allow menuconfig to open the required window.


How does the protocol work with respect to half-duplex transmission? On Thu, Aug 26, at 9: It would be really useful to have some sample code for the gumstix which gimstix Spidev. Dear Ned and Thierry, Thanks to the both of you for your replies!

SPI basics

Regards Thierry On Tue, Aug 24, at 1: There are ways to chain messages without toggling the CS lines or set the expected max clock frequency.

Gumstix mailing list archives for spidev. Free forum by Nabble. Most of it has been merged already.

SPI and Gumstix Overo w/Summit Board

Hi, The wiki page you mention targets the PXA-based motherboards. As for sample sspi, I used the two following programs: Is that the same one as from the beagleboard site you mention? In reply to this post by munchable.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. In the defconfig file it says “Automatically generated make config: