Why does this happen? Why Applet is recognized as SunAwtCanvas. Can comments be added to a testcase while SilkTest is recording? How is SilkTest licensing affected when using a virtual machine such as VMware? Unable to reopen journal file – – Sharing violation”. Is there a command to clear the clipboard from SilkTest? What is the solution to trying to enable the extensions of SilkTest in a jre that doesn”t contain an “ext” folder?

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How can I test two open browsers that have the same caption? In 4Test, odb is the scope of inheritance when you redefine or extend an existing class?

Dispose of an object in VB. Can this be resolved?

How can the SilkTest recovery system work with an application which has an open window that cannot be closed? Using SilkTest how can you retrieve environment information about a host machine when connected to a remote machine? How can I drag and drop an item in a listview if I don”t know which column the item will be in? How do return a list of tables in a Database using SilkTest? How can the error “java. The database name could not be verified from the DSN.


How do I resolve the following error: Why do I see the “other user’s” application when two users are logged on to the same server? Does SilkTest run on a virtual machine in the cloud?

How can I run multiple tests together in SilkTest Workbench. SilkTest Classic Output Console. How can I create a driver script in Silk4net? How can SilkTest close a skinned window if ldbc close button is not recognised?

How to manually enable Rumba Plugin for Silk Test. How do you control which network card is used by SilkTest for remote testing; when 2 network cards are available? What types of verification techniques are available in SilkTest?

How can SilkTest handle multiple logins to a web application?

Image Recognition with Silk Test Classic. Are there any tips on automating an installation of an application using SilkTest?

Solved: ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no defa – Microsoft Power BI Community

How can SilkTest be used to take a screenshot? Does SilkBean support bitmap verification on the Linux and Unix platforms? SilkTest – How to add a reference to an Excel object library in a.


How can a SilkTest script be adjusted to take into account slow performance in a web application? How can I write a SilkTest script to hold down the Control key while making 2 mouse clicks in a window?

Create an SQL server trace log. How can different functions write to the same output file? In SilkTest, how can the exact class of a java.

ODBC Error: Data source name not found and no default driver specified

Have you installed Oracle Client in your PC? Why are the project subfolders that I created disppearing upon closing and reopening SilkTest?

How can the “Display Properties” window be launched by SilkTest via command line? How do you check if a descending list is sorted correctly?