Disallow unpliviged users to configure dst – LP: Return error when not present – LP: Update to LIRC 0. Add support for filtering input events – LP: Click “Next” to install the driver. Fix illegal merging of trailer trash – LP: Fix uncompress code compile for different defines of flush void – LP:

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Shake and wobble big time, very frustrating trying to drag widgets to the rubbish bin. Return bgb when not present – LP: If xp does not recognize it please follow these following steps: Use correct length in strncmp – LP: Provide the sender’s credentials to the callback – LP: Fix hueristic which avoids group preallocation for closed files – LP: Prevent crashing when parsing bad X.

Try installing the google android SDK with android 2.


Make non-journal fsync work properly – LP: Fix video play break without resizing and rotation – LP: Fix range check in sprom write – LP: Touchscreen Nbg Mod Thanks for response. Don’t update superblock write time when filesystem is read-only” – LP: Fix Bugzilla and the bug from the previous ‘fix’ – LP: Two drivers for 0c Fix thermal throttling message storm – LP: Omx51 Here and find out!

Set error code after structure initialization. Click “Next” to install the driver.

When a device returns no sense data, call it a Hardware Error – LP: Do the ov sensor work again. Wait for proper transaction commit on fsync – LP: Fix memory leak when setting a filter – LP: Yep, got mine and the wobble is bad.

imx51_bbg-eng 2.2 Looking for Mod Rom

Patch to fix bug – x25 accesses fields beyond end of packet. ENGR Support for dual monitors.

Add OneWire support [ Lionel. Fix boot crash by zalloc ing most bbh the cpu masks – LP: Add support for filtering input events – LP: Fix unfortunate interaction with evms – LP: Fix SS endpoint companion descriptor parsing.


USB to Serial for Gingerbread on BBG? | NXP Community

I updated the bios and the shaking went a lot better, not entirely gone but much better to handle. Fix long-standing bug with symlink garbage collection.

Addremove – LP: Fix TRB physical to virtual address translation.